NPK - A brief discussion...
(adapted from the NPK MUD-Like Environment 1.x installation script)



 - What is this whole thing of "NPK"?
 - NPK is a new way to think about computing and programming. It started on Tuesday, 8 August 2000, after a long process of conception.
 - Who had that horrible idea?
 - The original idea was conceived by the members of The Angels' Company. The Angels' Company was the begining of the NPKapper community. The first time the NPK name was writen, it was writen by NPKapper I. NPKapper II came right after him. One day, NPKapper III appeared, and started to believe in the project, as he already had NPK thoughts and dreams. One day, there may be a lot of NPKappers around the world. At this time (0:37, 28th July 2001), there are only 3 NPKappers. Maybe you are the next NPKapper...?
 - So, what do you want?
 - We want to get the OS monopoly back from Linux, MacOS and Windows. We want universal software that will run in every system. We want no economical or social war related with computers. We want to stop all the harrassing that some people do against other systems users or producers. We want to encourage people who develop their own operating systems. We like "floppy OS's" and text-mode stuff.
 - How do you intend to do that?
 - We change working environments and write small C programs that have always a good intention and that are highly portable. At this time, we are working on DOS/Win, Linux, BeOS, QNX, but all of our source code should compile on other systems. We simply are telling people how absurd it is the way technology is being developed. We try to pass a message with those small things: "Let's stop being so selfish!".
 - Why do you write only short programs?
 - Because we refuse to make money with the NPK, and because we refuse to implement any computing monopoly. We only want to make people think about these things. Big programs wouldn't be like messages, would be like shouts. We don't shout, we speak friendly. (and, besides, we know just a little bit of programming... We are no programming gurus)
 - The NPK is useless...
 - We prefer to believe it isn't. If everybody thought that way, Linux would never had existed. Neither computers...
 - How can we use NPK as an usefull thing?
 - You can use the NPK MUD-Like Environment in your shell and use it to make easy and funny to work with it. You can also program your own software in C. So, those programs will really correspond to your needs, and can be translated to another OS that you wish to use. Finally, you can share your software with everyone, by using the GNU Public Licence or other that allows people to freely redistribute binaries and source codes.
 - How should I start?
 - You should learn DOS, Linux and other OS' text-based environments and the C language. Then, you should help developers to unify all kind of systems into an unique standard. Write multi-platform programs and sign them with NPK. If you are not sure about your program, about if it is allowed to have NPK signature, send us the code, and we'll try to take a look.


NPK - Everything we do, we do it for everyone.