NPK - What the hell is NPK?



   "- What is this whole thing of "NPK"?
    - NPK is a new way to think about computing and programming.
    It started on Tuesday, 8 August 2000, after a long process
    of conception."


This used to be our first presentation at instalation time. Too simple, you may argue... In fact, the name of our project says everything. Even more than anything we may try to append to it.
"Network Project for Knowledge": the real keywork is knowledge. We try to learn by doing something we like, and something we believe. We believe in peace. We like C (and, sometimes, assembly), we like text-mode stuff.
At this time, we are just learning some printf()'s, and so on... Meanwhile, we are creating an enhancement for command lines (which we plan to implement on every C-enabled operating systems we know). This is kinda theme for shells. We try to implement some MUD/MOO features and environment.
One of the NPKappers wanted (some time ago) to create a real shell and to implement the NPK MUD-like environment on it. However, we wouldn't be able to combine the advantages of bash and/or other pre-existent shells.
So, we got back to our shell enhancement stuff. Now, NPKapper II (the one who was aiming to create that shell) is studying some assembly, and reading some operating systems'code. He wants to create an operating system. NPKapper I tells him that it would be (for now) something greater than NPKapper II himself, but NPKapper II wants to learn more. NPKappers need knowledge.
...and this is precisely what NPK is: the search for knowledge. We are humans. Humans are mamals, and mamals are curious by nature. NPK is a natural evolution process...


NPK - Everything we do, we do it for everyone.